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Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Open letter to all presidents in the world!

Helmut Schmidt: Lob für Ukraine-Vermittler Steinmeier, Kritik für die EU-Kommission. Quelle: Reuters

Open letter to all presidents in the world!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Schmidt said of the Ukraine crisis on 05.16.2014 in his interview: 
"The situation seems to me increasingly similar as in 1914, the risk that the situation is exacerbated as in August 1914, is growing day by day." 
I want them only to tell the people in the world We do not want World War 3 and need to take this warning very seriously by Helmut Schmidt. Finally, the U.S. and Russia have nuclear weapons and is in a war is a risk that these weapons are used. Therefore, Please I Communicate with their counterparts in the world and share them with our concerns. Because they trust me with any war loses humanity and every human being is precious and everyone deserves here in the world a humane life. 

Love the creation 

Love others just as well as you love yourself, 
give the others also the value that you give to yourself, 
see the others as well as yourself always see yourself, 
Other talking about how you always talk about yourself. 

Rejoice never about the suffering of others, assist to 
give your love from your heart, there is only abundant, 
Never laugh other people is always human, 
be respectful and mindful, then you will forever happy. 

Everything you are looking for also, can you find in yourself again, 
be vigilant and do not let your heart go blind in the world. 
Never say I can not do anything and help anyone, 
You could also alleviate the pain of your fellow man. 

© Önder Demir 

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