Stoppt die Hetze gegen den Islam!

Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

Equality, progress , solidarity

We need a new ethical attitude in today's world . Instead of placing money above human beings , we should set it back to our service . We are people, not products. We are not a product of what we buy.

We are spiritual beings who live with their limited physical body here on earth.

Equality, progress , solidarity, cultural freedom , sustainability and development, as well as the welfare and happiness of the people must be considered a priority in a true democratic society.

There are fundamental rights that our true democratic society must grant us all : the right to housing, employment , culture, health , education, political participation, free personal development and the right to consumption of goods that are necessary to a healthy and happy to lead life.

In a true democracy, the people assets must be distributed fairly and those who need to own a lot of money and goods it learn their wealth with the needy to share .

The aim and purpose of the current system are the accumulation of money , without paying attention to efficiency and the welfare of society. Resources are wasted , destroying the planet, and creating unemployment and unhappy among consumers.

The greed for power and its limitation to a few people and, moreover, low wages in the world bring inequality , tension and injustice , which in turn leads to violence , but which we reject in a true democratic society. The obsolete and unnatural unequal economic model fuels the social machinery, a growing spiral that consumes itself by enriching a few people and the rest falls into poverty. Up to a complete collapse.


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